Monday, February 19, 2007


Our trip to Annapolis was a fabulous one. I was completely blown away by the awesome beauty of the campus--or "the yard" as it is called--and the place thoroughly impresses with its evident history and tradition. Located along the scenic Chesapeake Bay, the United States Naval Academy is a 338-acre complex that houses a brigade of some 4,200 midshipmen. It is a truly impressive venue.
Once we arrived at the academy, Brendan was assigned to a first-year midshipman (called a "plebe"), who acted as his host for the next couple of days. My son stayed in the dorm (majestic Bancroft Hall) with his host, and also ate meals and went to classes with him. Brendan sat in on four classes: calculus, chemistry, English literature and naval history. He found the classes to be interesting and exciting.
Although the facility at the Naval Academy is massive, the class sizes are small--usually no more than twenty students per class. The quality of the education provided there is second to none.
On Friday evening, Brendan was able to attend an on-campus social event that was put on for the plebes and their candidate visitors. He was thoroughly impressed with the experience, and he hopes to become a member of the brigade of midshipmen next year.
One point of clarification is in order. In my last post, I indicated that Brendan had received an "appointment" to the academy. My terminology on that point was incorrect. In fact, he has received a "nomination" to the academy--two of them in fact, from Senator Evan Bayh and the former congressman Mike Sodrel--and is still awaiting formal acceptance, which is what the term "appointment" actually refers to. I apologize for my confusion on that point. In any event, we remain cautiously optimistic that Brendan will be invited to become a student at the United States Naval Academy next year. Here is the web site for the academy:
Happy sailing, mates!


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