Thursday, January 18, 2007


Just over a week ago, I consumed a fast food feast of such grand proportions that I am almost embarrassed to tell you about it. I hadn't splurged in quite a while, and so I figured that I had it coming. And, believe me, when I decide to splurge, I can really pack away the vittles.

I started off with an Ultimate Burger from DQ, and a large order of fries. Of course, I complemented the fries with ample amounts of ketchup. That should have been more than enough. Not quite sated, however, I topped it off with an all beef chili dog with cheese and onions. And then for good measure, I added another chili dog. To make my repast complete, I washed it all down with a few beers. As I said, I am not proud of this feat. It's a wonder that I didn't have a massive coronary on the spot.

Not surprisingly, the next morning I was feeling the effects of my gluttony. My punishment was actually more mental than physical, as I berated myself for eating as if it were my last meal prior to facing the gallows. I really do try to eat a healthy diet most of the time, and so I was feeling very guilty about my monsterous splurge.

While I was in this state of mind, last Thursday morning, I picked up The Courier Journal to read Bryant Stamford's "The Body Shop" column as I always do. In this particular column, his subject was the importance of a low-fat, plant-based diet, and the health benefits provided by such a diet. There was a form of a testimonial from a reader who had lost weight and experienced great health benefits by adopting a similar diet in her life. On Bryant Stamford's recommendation, the reader had previously purchased The China Study, by T. Colin Campbell, and she strongly felt that the nutritional advice contained within that book had changed her life for the better.

As I read "The Body Shop" that morning, it was as if a light bulb had been switched on in my mind. It almost certainly had something to do with my over-indulgence from the night before, but I suddenly felt compelled to adopt a low-fat, plant-based diet in my own life. I immediately called Destinations Booksellers to order The China Study for myself. It arrived just a few days later, and I have been absorbed in it ever since.

The China Study is very interesting reading. I'm certain that I will want to discuss it in greater detail in a future CoffeeSpoons post. For now, it will suffice to say that it has convinced me to to seriously consider adopting a vegetarian lifestyle.

In a very short period of time, this book has convinced me that the proteins consumed in an animal-based diet may be extremely harmful to our health. As shocking as it may seem, there is an abundance of very sound scientific research showing that the consumption of animal proteins, even in fairly small amounts, greatly lessens our resistance to cancer and other undesirable maladies. If you decide to read The China Study, I think that you too will discover it to be a truly remarkable eye-opener.

It has now been eight days since I have ingested meat of any kind. I have also refrained from consuming milk. The primary feeling that I have experienced thus far is that of being cleansed. I have not experienced any feelings of weakness, as I had feared that I might. I have continued to work out with weights and on the elliptical trainer at the gym, and I feel certain that probably helps. I'm excited to see how I might progress from here.

At this point, I'm not yet willing to swear that I will become a vegetarian for the rest of my life. I am very seriously considering it though. I would be quite interested to hear the thoughts of any readers who may have experience with the vegetarian lifestyle.

Here's to your good health!

--The Meatbe


Anonymous Kendall said...

Be careful with this, Matthew. I think that everyone needs protein, especially somebody who works out like you do.

1:58 PM  
Blogger ceece said...

Another book that you may want to check it out "Eat Right For Your Type" which discusses how our blood types help determine what foods our body processes well, and those not so well. When I stick to it, I notice a definate result not only in my physical shape but mental as well.

Of course there's also the regimene my husband swears by. It's called the "military diet" you eat less and excercise more! Whoda thunk? :-)

7:55 AM  
Blogger Meatbe said...

Thanks, Ceece...I'll have to check out that book. It sounds interesting, and i'm sure that it will be beneficial.

As for your point, Kendall, there is an interesting observation contained within The China Study. According to Dr. Campbell, we have erroneously been told that we need to consume animal proteins in order to survive. The author opines that this advice is just not true, and that we have been sold the proverbial bill of goods. According to all of the research cited, the typical American diet contains far TOO MUCH protein--much more than is actually healty for us.

According to the book, there are many, many folks who have a vested interest in keeping us from understanding the truth. And, as a more cynical point, it is noted that many millions of dollars are made in caring for those of us who allow ourselves to fall victim to heart disease, diabetes, and various other maladies. As is noted early on in the book, the solutions to these problems all boil down to three simple things: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

10:10 PM  
Blogger New Alb Annie said...

This is interesting . . . I have been contemplating diet recently, having just started an exercise program.

But I wonder, will we now have to call you Vegbe?

5:36 AM  
Blogger Meatbe said...

Vegbe....That is hilarious! Don't say it too loudly though; I'm afraid some of my buddies might really start calling me that.

2:33 PM  
Anonymous breedbe said...

Vegbe indeed! It's okay. Your buds will just have to think of you as a well built cucumber from now forward.

4:34 AM  
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