Wednesday, November 01, 2006


***Last night, I had the privilege of going to my mother's house to help her hand out Halloween candy. Mom lives in the Elk Pointe neighborhood in Jeffersonville and, although she typically enjoys interacting with her neighbors, she does not especially enjoy the tradition of handing out Halloween candy--at least not by herself. For that reason, I volunteered to go and help her. My son Brendan helped her last year, and he enjoyed doing so very much, but he had something else going on this time.

I arrived at Mom's house at about 5:45, with tacos for dinner in hand. Over the next three hours, we had a thoroughly enjoyable time. We saw many cute little characters, enjoyed a nice meal together, and had an evening of great conversation. I don't believe that I've ever enjoyed a Halloween evening so much.

***The Louisville Cardinals won a close exhibition contest tonight against Georgetown College, 94-92. Although the margin of victory might sound disappointing, I do not think that the showing was cause for any great concern. Georgetown had five division one transfers on their squad, and they had already played two regular season games. They were a far better opponent than one might have imagined.

I was impressed with several of the newcomers to the 'Ville basketball lineup. Derrick Caracter looks impressive in the paint, and I'm really enthused about the athleticism displayed by Edgar Sosa. Jerry Smith and Earl Clark both look as if they will be able to contribute right away. Returning players Terrence Williams, Juan Palacios and Terrance Farley all appear to be improved. The lineup will be strong when Brandon Jenkins and David Padgett return from injuries.

I really think that the final score of this contest was a secondary concern to Coach Pitino. It appeared to me that he was more concerned with getting playing time and experience for the inexperienced players, for experimenting with different lineups, and with testing team chemistry. My only concern is that the Cards still seem to lack a spot-up, dead-eye outside shooter who can be the go-to guy.

***The excitement continues to build regarding tomorrow evening's football spectacular between Louisville and West Virginia. Everywhere I go, people are discussing the game. My nerves are on edge already. Whatever happens, it will be great for the Louisville football team to be center-stage as the rest of the college football world looks on.

Word has it that John L. Smith was fired as the head coach of Michigan State today. There is a true irony with the timing here. John L. left the 'Ville while giving us a veritable slap in the face, claiming that Louisville football could not compete on the national stage. Although his parting shots have proven to be unfounded, I certainly wish no ill-will to John L. I am thankful for the wins that he accomplished while here, and I wish him happiness and success in the future.

But the most important thought for the next 24 hours is this: GO CARDS!!!

--The Meatbe


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