Saturday, October 21, 2006


Greetings, friends...And please allow me to apologize for my long absence from the blogging world. When I began this blog, I envisioned writing on it several times per week. Although I got off to a good beginning, my devotion sputtered when the busy fall season rolled around. My office case load seemed to increase, at a time when my evenings and weekends were filled with attending my sons' football and soccer games. I've also experienced some computer difficulties. As a result, my writing diminished. I know: You don't want to hear my lame-ass excuses, but I feel compelled to give them anyway.

I recently attended the "Beer Walk"--an annual tradition that occurs on the Friday of Harvest Homecoming. Perhaps I'll discuss that glorious tradition more at a later date, as it is always a true stone-gas. In any event, as I was making merry with several friends in beautiful downtown New Albany at the bars surrounding the festival, two of by great buds--Larry "Butticks" Ragland and Patrick "P.E." Jennings--both chastised me for my long failure to post on this blog. To be frank, they gave me some hell for my failure to post. And if you know those brutes, you know that catching hell from them is no fun. I assured them that I would be posting again soon, so here I am.

Truth to be told, I have felt quite guilty about my failure to post. I know that I have several friends and relatives, not living in this area, who previously kept up with some of my comings and goings by virtue of this blog. My father in Virginia, my daughter in Indianapolis, and my brother in Cincinnati, to name a few, have previously read this blog and been able to monitor my activities from afar. Similarly, although I remain in close contact with Mr. Ragland and Mr. Jennings, I know that they and other locals have enjoyed reading my blog. I am ashamed to have abandoned my writing duties....But no more!

This is the first of my renewed writing endeavors...Stay tuned, as I promise that I will be posting at least once per week or so from now on. There are many strange and varied thoughts that I want to share with you.

For now, please accept my apology for the long absence. Talk with you soon. Skoal!

--The Meatbe


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