Monday, November 06, 2006


***How 'bout those Cards? By now, we all know that the Louisville Cardinals took care of business last Thursday night by defeating the West Virginia Mountaineers, 44-34. It was a great performance by the 'Ville, and it appears that Brian Brohm has totally recovered from his hand injury. His throws were crisp, and his timing seems to be back. Based upon their performance, the Cards have now moved up to No. 3 in the BCS standings. If they should be fortunate enough to win their remaining scheduled games, they will almost certainly be in the national title game on January 8th against either Ohio State or Michigan. In the name of Howard Schnellenberger, who could have envisioned this scenario?

Of course, winning out is far from certain. Louisville will face undefeated Rutgers on its home field this Thursday evening in New Jersey. If the Cards survive that challenge, South Florida, Pittsburgh and UConn will be lying in wait, hoping to make a name for themselves by knocking off the mighty 'Ville. Much excitement lies ahead, and I can't wait to witness it.

***Fantasy Update: The fates have not been kind to me in fantasy football in the last couple of weeks. Last week, I lost a close contest with my old friend John L. Grannan. (Grrrr!) This week, I was up against a fellow--not personally known to me--whose team had not won a single game all season. He has now. Unfortunately, all of my players seem to have decided to take this week off. Tom Brady, Torry Holt, Julius Jones, Donald Driver and Ben Watson, who are normally all stellar performers, all played as if they had been paid by my opponent to take a dive. I do, however, remain optimistic. If all goes as planned, I may still be in a position to make the playoffs.

***Wedding fun: The last two Saturdays, I've had the pleasure attending some very special weddings. Last Saturday, October 28th, Hollye Nelson and and Andrew Ragland said their vows in a beautiful, moving ceremony at Silver Street United Methodist Church in New Albany. Andrew is the son of my great bud Rags, of whom you have read much if you've kept up with this blog, and his lovely wife Terri, who is also a great and long-time friend to me. I well remember the day that Andrew was born, and I've watched him grow into the fine, upstanding young man that he is today. His bride, Hollye, is a lovely young lady with a beautiful smile and a warm personality. I was honored to be on hand for their ceremony and, from what I recall, I had a great time at their reception. Many old friends were there, and a good time was truly had by all, as the saying goes.

This past Saturday, November 4th, I was honored to attend the wedding of Melissa Lattis and Derek Grasser. Melissa is my long-time legal assistant, and she is also a very close personal friend to me. She and Derek took their vows at the clubhouse at Covered Bridge, which turned out to be a great spot for their reception as well. Our entire office was on hand for the occasion, as were many other friends and family members, and it was an absolutely wonderful time.

Both of these weddings were very special to me. I wish both couples many, many years of happiness together.


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