Saturday, December 16, 2006


A Few Random thoughts, shared while sipping a glass of merlot on a warm December evening:

***On Wednesday of this week, I had a professional photographer come to my Pearl Street office. This, however, was not just any photographer. It was Donna Kielman, a long-time friend of mine and the owner of "Photos by Donna," a thriving photography enterprise in New Albany. When it comes to photography, Donna is the best--and she's done it all for me. I've called upon Donna to help with all of my professional photography needs in recent years, and she does a fantastic job. She's also done all of my children's senior pictures--at least she's done the three that have been necessitated thus far. She's also done some modeling photos for me, and various family photos. In June, she will be the official photographer for my daughter's wedding. In short, I feel comfortable calling upon Donna whenever I am in need of professional photography. It also helps that she is a really cool and savvy chick.

Anyway, this time I called upon Donna because my professional mug shot was in need of updating. I like to maintain a reasonably current photo on our firm's web site, and also in the Louisville Bar Association directory. Some fellows keep the same picture in the directory year after year, so that they appear to be 25 when they are actually 55. I always laugh at those individuals for their attempts to trick us all into believing that they have somehow sipped from the fountain of youth; I never want to be one of those.

It turned out that all six of the attorneys in my office were in need of updated photos. It ended up being quite a session. After all of our photos had been taken, we had a several group photos taken of all of the attorneys. Then we had the staff join us for several more photos. I'm anxiously looking forward to seeing how they all turn out. If I can figure out how to do it, I may post some of them on this site when they become available.

***Speaking of my office, The Temptation of the Meatbe began this week, as mass quantities of unsolicited holiday treats began appearing on the table in our office kitchen. Gourmet cookies from Cheryl & Company and assorted chocolates from the South Bend Candy Company were some of the first to arrive. There will be many others to follow, as well-wishing clients bombard us with these tasty tokens of thanks and friendship. We additionally have a festive holiday dinner and two birthdays in the office this coming week, which will mean the appearance of additional cakes, pies etc.

Don't get me wrong: I sincerely appreciate the thoughtfulness that goes into the giving of these holiday treats, and I am delighted that people think enough of those in our office to want to give them to us. I do, however, try to maintain a reasonably healthy diet, and the presence of these goodies makes it extremely difficult for me to adhere to my dieting plans. 'Tis the season, I suppose.....But I'm going to have to hit the gym with a vengeance to pay for it all.

***In my last entry, I discussed some of the novels that I have enjoyed reading in recent months. I neglected to mention Edge of Evil, by J.A. Jance. I was previously unfamiliar with the writing of Jance, but I found this novel to be very entertaining. It is a fairly short novel, and it is a relatively easy read. I really didn't expect much when I started it, but I found myself absorbed in the characters and the suspense surrounding them.

One of the interesting things about Edge of Evil is that it involves a blogger. I don't want to give away too much here, but I will let you know--as you will discover early on if you should decide to read it--that the protagonist is seeking to uncover the identity of a murderer via her blog and the comments that are being made on it. Also, the novel is set in northern Arizona--an area largely unknown to me, and about which I enjoyed reading very much. I think that Edge of Evil is a nice little book, and I would recommend for the next time you are settling into your reading chair with a glass of merlot.

Check with you later. Skoal!

--The Meatbe


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your readers are looking forward to your pictures. You'll have to get them on your blog. I too enjoyed the Edge of Evil. k.p.

7:50 PM  
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