Sunday, August 31, 2008


The Cardinals lost to the Wildcats this afternoon, 27-2. It was a tremendously disappointing loss, and I am very bummed about it. I will not lie to you about that.

Still, I believe that we Cardinal fans must remember that this was our first game with many, many new changes in place. Considering the Cardinals' personnel changes, the defense performed extremely well.  In fact, the Blue Bellies didn't take anything that Louisville didn't hand to them on a sliver platter. Kentucky scored off of Louisville turnovers, but could not generally score on their own merit. U of L's new linebackers all performed better than we could have imagined. Louisville's defense held a powerful and experienced group of Kentucky running backs to a total of 63 yards rushing. For the whole game. That was impressive.

On offense, our Cardinals struggled more than most of us ever could have imagined. Hunter Cantwell looked like a fish out of water. Let's give credit to Kentucky, though: They have a very good defense. Very good. Like ours, apparently. And Doug Beaumont and Josh Chichester are exciting new stars.

Yes, this is a very hard pill to swallow. Still, I believe that the Cardinals can learn and grow from this disappointing loss.


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