Thursday, July 24, 2008


     ***My son Brendan has been home for the last month.  It has been wonderful to have him back in town.  Alas, he must leave to go back to Annapolis again tomorrow.  He's getting ready to go on a Navy surface cruise next week before his classes resume in the fall.  I will miss him. I'm hoping that he might get to return to Indiana very briefly to attend the Navy-Ball State football game in Muncie on September 5th.  A limited number of midshipmen will be allowed to attend.  Otherwise, he will not be home again until Thanksgiving. 

    ***The Globe Players have completed their run of Twelfth Night in Louisville's Central Park.  I was blown away by the performances.  (I attended every one.)  The shows were truly outstanding.  Bravo!

     ***I'm starting to get excited about this year's Louisville-Kentucky football game.  I was entirely  frustrated and disappointed by the Cards in football last year, but I sense that they may be on the upswing--despite the departure of  a whole lot of players.  Eric Wood (starting center) was talking on the radio this morning about how hungry and driven the returning players are to prove themselves.  Meanwhile, I'm starting to sense vast overconfidence on the part of the Blue Bellies.  This will be a hot topic until the game is played in Louisville on August 31st.  

     ***I'm really into bird watching these days.  I've been getting up and walking before work every morning, and the birds have been very active.  I love to see them, and to hear their vibrant morning chorus. This morning I saw a bright red cardinal, which means that it was a VERY GOOD DAY.  I actually recognized him by his song before I saw him.  

     ***I'm tired of hearing about Brett Favre.  In March he held a tearful press conference in which he declared that his heart was no longer in the game.  Now he wants to return, and can't understand why he is being so "mistreated" by the Packers because they are not welcoming him with open arms.  My biggest concern is that, after Favre had announced his retirement, the Packers drafted Brian Brohm of Louisville to begin the season as their backup (and potentially future) quarterback.  I don't want Favre's shenanigans to mess up the situation for Brohm.  That would not be cool at all.  


Anonymous A realistic fan said...

Its that time of year again, when all the UL and UK fans once again get geared up, only to soon be disappointed. Once again, by mid-September, all talk will return to basketball, at which point Rick Pitino will again proclaim his team to have Final Four talent, only to then forget what he said somewhere in mid-February and talk about the unrealistic expectations of the fans when his team is once again under-achieving. I would ask why he always fails to realize that people do remember what he says in the paper early in the season - however, the topic de jour here is football...

Sir, I hate to say it, but your UL team is on the way down from its high water mark during the Petrino era, and the lack of integrity which he stamped on the program is now finally bearing fruit.

As for UK, its a cute dream for all those blue blooded fans to believe that they might compete in the mighty SEC, a dream they relive year after year. Once again, they might stage one SEC upset, but I foresee another whopping mid-december bowl in some exotic city near the Mason-Dixon line.

6:21 PM  
Anonymous a realistic fan said...

PS.....kudos to you on your comments on Brett Farve. I'm glad someone else remembers his own tearful proclamation and statement about the lack of desire, which didnt appear to be placed in his mouth by management...

6:23 PM  
Blogger Meatbe said...

Realistic Fan: Thanks for your comments. Welcome aboard. I will readily admit that, when it comes to U of L athletics, I am something of an eternal optimist. I do think, though, that it may be a bit premature to declare the football program in decline after one .500 season.

For me, the saving grace is that Tom Jurich remains at the helm of the athletic department. With him in charge, I have confidence that the program will not be allowed to flounder for long, if it indeed is floundering now. We shall see. The early part of the season should tell us a lot.

Regarding the 'Ville hoops scene--Everyone knows that Rick Pitino is prone to exaggeration and media manipulation. However, it bears noting that this year's team is ranked in the preseason top 10 in virtually every projection that I've seen. has Louisville ranked preseason number 2; Andy Katz at ESPN has them 6th, and The Sports Flow has them at preseason number 4.

It would be difficult if not impossible for even Rick Pitino to exaggerate about the expectations for the coming year. Anything less than a stellar season for Louisville Basketball will be viewed as a huge disappointment by the fans.

12:54 PM  
Blogger white rabbit said...

I must confess I haven't a clue who Brett Farve is. Sounds just as well really...

9:51 AM  
Blogger Meatbe said...


Your lack of familiarity with Brett Favre reveals much about the differences in our cultures. He is one of the top quarterbacks in NFL history, and he recently announced his retirement from the Green Bay Packers, only to then change his mind. In the last couple of weeks, I've been unable to turn on the radio or television without hearing about him. Actually, I've always admired him up to this point. It's interesting to me that you do not know about him or his tale.

8:11 PM  

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