Thursday, March 22, 2007


Re the Tennessee Volunteers: I really think that Bruce Pearl is an excellent coach, and I admire the way that his team plays. I greatly admired the way that he shed his shirt and donned body paint in order to come out and support the Lady Vols. I can relate to that. I also have something of a natual affinity for the Vols, as my beloved cousin and life-long friend, J. Bradley Guarino-Sanders, is a Tennessee graduate and fan of long standing. I have had some great times in Knoxville, cheering on the Vols with J. Bradley. I must admit that I now have a difficult time, however, getting past the goofy looking headbands that the majority of the Tennessee men's team currently seems to wear. I remind myself, for the umpteenth time, how thankful I am that Rick Pitino does not allow the Cards to wear those atrocious and ridiculous-looking headbands.

By the way--F.Y.I.--I picked the Georgetown Hoyas to win it all. Are my Big East leanings showing through? Hoo-Yah!


Blogger lawguy said...

Meatbe -

I think you're "right on" as far as your thoughts on Bruce Pearl. I love the guy's enthusiasm and thought the orange body paint at the UT women's game was an awesome show of support for the women's program - not that they need a whole lot of help from the "little brother" men's program. Pearl's team was definitely fun to watch this year.

I do, however, question the part of your post about your relief in Coach Pitino's uniform decisions. While admittedly not a fan of either the blue or red schools in Kentucky, let me just remind you that coach Pitino was the guy who introduced those attrocious and ridiculous denim uniforms during the 1996 season (I happened to be at Rupp Arena for the Arkansas game where they debuted - YIKES) and he's also the guy who "redesigned" the classic UK uniforms to include the horrific cat slash pattern on the shorts during one of his final years too.

We can debate Pitino's coaching ability another day - however, with history as our guide, I'm not sure he's the wisest choice for athletic fashion sense...

6:48 PM  
Blogger lawguy said...

PS - nice work picking Georgetown. And to think, nobody thought all those hours watching Big East sports would ever pay off for you...

6:49 PM  
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