Thursday, June 11, 2009


     Later this evening, I will be headed to the University of Evansville for my son Collin's new student orientation and registration.  It takes place over the next couple of days at the university.  I can't believe that it's time for my fourth child to go to college.  It truly just doesn't seem possible. 

     Any road, this will be my first experience with UE, as they call it.  My other children have either graduated from, or are currently attending, the University of Indianapolis (Tristan), Bellarmine University (Caitlin), or the U.S. Naval Academy (Brendan).  I'm looking forward to learning more about the University of Evansville.  I do know that the sports teams at UE are known as the "Purple Aces."  

     I was curious as to the origin of the nickname "Purple Aces."  According to the school's web site, the University of Louisville actually played a major role in establishing the nickname.  The teams at UE were originally known as the "Pioneers."  During a game in the 1924-25 basketball season, the UE Pioneers beat the University of Louisville by a score of 59-39.  After the game, Louisville's coach reportedly told the Evansville coach, "You didn't have four aces out there, you had five!"  After the story appeared in the Evansville Courier, school representatives decided that they liked the sound of "Aces" better than "Pioneers," and decided to change the official nickname.  UE athletic teams have been called the Evansville Purple Aces ever since.  

     I like this story.  And I'm glad to know that my law school alma mater helped to give Collin's new school its sports nickname.  And now I must learn a new cheer:  Go Aces!



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