Monday, May 25, 2009


U  of L Baseball:  How about those Cards!  Louisville defeated Connecticut 11-3 yesterday to take the Big East tourney title in baseball, to add to their regular season championship.  New Albany's Drew Haynes had a spectacular diving catch in center field for the Cards in the third inning to keep the momentum going.  Louisville will now host an NCAA baseball regional beginning next Friday at Jim Patterson Stadium. 

Orlando Magic:  I find myself pulling for Orlando and L.A. in the NBA finals.  I know that Kobe versus LeBron would be a compelling matchup in the championship series, but I've really come to admire Dwight Howard, Hedo Turkoglu, Courtney Lee and the rest of the Magic.  And Stan Van Gundy?  How can you not be for a coach who looks so much like Ron Jeremy?  

Cincinnati Reds:  It is wonderful that the Reds are playing well and still very much in contention in the NL Central.  It has been a long time coming.  Dusty Baker is doing a splendid job of managing this young team.  It's great that the Reds are looking so good on Memorial Day;  I just hope that they are still there and gaining steam on the Fourth of July. 

Danica Patrick:  I was hoping that Danica Patrick would win the Indy 500 yesterday.  I really admire her mental toughness and her personality.  I also think that she is very attractive, but that she could look better with a different hair style. But then again, she may not care much for my hair style either. 

Mine That Bird:  I am pulling strongly for Mine That Bird in the Belmont Stakes on June 6th.  He is a phenomenal undersized horse who was given virtually no chance for success at the start of the current racing season.  I don't think he's been appreciated enough for his win in the Kentucky Derby and his second place finish at the Preakness.  

Jeremy Jarmon:  Although I am a Louisville alumnus and fan, I was saddened to see outstanding Kentucky defensive lineman Jeremy Jarmon suspended for the entire upcoming football season by the NCAA.  He was suspended after he tested positive for a banned substance during a random drug test.  It appears that he made a terrible mistake in trying to lose weight by taking a dietary supplement that was not approved.  By all accounts, Jarmon is a delightful young man who has never been in any sort of trouble before.  I can relate to him because he's a political science major who also loves the theater.  It's a shame for his collegiate career to end this way.  I hope that he has great personal success in the future. 

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