Friday, May 29, 2009


When it comes to offspring, I have unquestionably hit the jackpot. I am the father of four truly great kids, all of whom are now young adults ranging in age from eighteen to twenty-four. My sons are now eighteen and twenty. I have always tried to give them good practical male guidance, but there never seems to be enough time to tell them everything that I want to. Frankly, I do not recall whether I have told them these specific things or not. Allow me, then, to share with them--and with you, if you're interested--these manly tidbits of wisdom that I have amassed over my years on the planet.

Push-Ups: Push-ups are, without question, the best exercise for maintaining a masculine physique. Bench pressing accomplishes basically the same thing. I encourage weight training in all its forms, but if you can only do one exercise, push-ups are the best to give you strength and to maintain shape for your arms, chest and shoulders. I recommend doing at least five sets of your maximum reps every other day.

Nail Care: Proper male hygiene includes nail care. Many guys overlook this. I believe in keeping my nails clipped and clean. In addition to clipping, I use a cuticle oil with Vitamin E every day to keep my nails healthy and presentable. This is particularly important for the feet if you like to wear sandals, as I do. There is no excuse for having crusty-looking, unsightly nails.

Skin Moisturizer: When I was a young man, I suffered horrible itching on my back and arms every winter when my skin got dry. Fortunately, I eventually discovered the benefits of skin lotion. It completely solved the problem. These days, every time I finish showering I liberally apply skin moisturizer all over my body. I have found that Jergens Original Scent is the best, particularly in winter. In summertime, I sometimes use Suave Cocoa Butter with Shea.

Noxzema Shave: I have always had rather sensitive skin. Most shave creams and lotions will cause me to break out in short order. As a result, I have experimented with many brands. I have found that nothing compares with Medicated Noxema Shave for Sensitive Skin. Although it costs at least twice as much as regular shave creams, it is well worth it. It provides the most comfortable shave possible, and I wouldn't think of using anything else on my face.

Clean Mouth: I love to use mouthwash, and believe that it is essential for maintaining proper oral and dental hygiene. It should be swished around vigorously. I use an antiseptic mouthwash morning and night. I think that this routine helps to maintain a clean, healthy mouth. It's a great feeling!

With this posting, I realize that I have developed a very eclectic blog. I may give you updates on Indiana law. I may share my profound emotions. I may tell you about my political views, my opinions on sports, my favorite novels, or my tips on personal hygiene. I suppose that's the way my mind works, jumping from one subject to the next. I hope that you don't mind. I suppose that you don't, if you're still reading at this point.

I also hope that you find these tips to be of interest. I don't claim to be the most GQ guy around, but I strongly believe that these things have been helpful to me.



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