Thursday, June 04, 2009


     The NBA Finals begin tonight, and almost everyone is picking Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers to win the best of seven series in six games or less.  I'm going against the grain, and predicting the Orlando Magic to win the matchup in seven games.  

     My reason?  I think that the Magic are being underestimated, and that they have too many weapons to lose this series.  They have shown throughout the playoffs that they can cause nightmares for opponents from many angles.  Whereas the Lakers will unquestionably have the best overall player on the floor in Bryant, the Magic present a well-rounded, relentless attack.  You never know where their death blow is going to come from. 

     At age 23, Dwight Howard is on the verge of becoming a truly dominating center.  Hedo Turkoglu has an unflappable court presence, and can strike at any time.  And what about Mickael Pietrus, Rashard Lewis and Courtney Lee?  Dagger, dagger and dagger again. 

     I think that it will be an interesting and competitive series. I also think that the experts are wrong.  Like I said, I'll take the Magic to win it all in seven games.  

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