Sunday, February 15, 2009


When I went out to retrieve my Courier-Journal this morning, I was rewarded with a most splendid serenade from the birds around my house. It was the most fervent morning chorus that I've heard this year, and it was a reminder that spring, in all its glory, cannot be far behind. I can't wait to get out in the woods on a bright spring morning to feel the wind on my face and listen to one of the most beautiful sounds that nature has to offer. Being out listening to the birds is a grand feeling, and one that makes me feel truly alive.


This afternoon, I had the pleasure of going with my son, Collin Matthew, to watch the U of L Cards dispatch DePaul in fine fashion on the hardwood. It was a much-needed win by the Cards, and the crowd was rocking. Collin and I enjoyed it very much, as it was a very entertaining game for Cardinal fans.

In a matter of months, Collin will be graduating from high school and heading off to college. He is the fourth and last of my children to do so, and I know from experience how much I am going to miss him once he departs. That's one reason that I will always cherish today's experience with him.


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