Tuesday, June 24, 2008


     At the urging of my friend the White Rabbit, I shall tell you the story of the photo that now accompanies my profile on this blog.  I admit that it is a rather unusual picture. 

     The photograph in question was taken at Jenicca's Cafe and Wine Bar in Louisville.  There is a festive annual event at Jenicca's called "Painted Alive," in which models are paired with local artists to create human exhibits.  In a rather painstaking procedure, the artists apply body paint to the models, who are then on display for the remainder of the evening.  The event typically draws a huge crowd of art enthusiasts, as well as the just plain curious.  Photos are taken of the final creations, and then the photos are put up on display at Jenicca's for some while. 

     Last year, I was paired with J.D. Dotson, a well-known artist and gallery owner in Louisville.  It is J.D.'s work that is visible in my new profile photo.  This photo was on display last year at Jenicca's web site.  I decided to use it in my profile now because I was in the mood to go with something different, and perhaps to show my artistic/creative side.  Pretty wild, eh?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


     --I think that I jinxed the Reds with my last post.  They haven't won a game since!  But I still haven't lost my optimism.  They are an exciting and fun team to watch.  Last night, young Johnny Cueto was on the mound for the Reds.  I love the way this guy throws.  He's full of life on the hill.  Watch out!  The Reds are coming on, I tell you. 

     --After watching the Reds lose to the Los Angeles Dodgers last night, I finished the novel Gone, by Lisa Gardner.  It was the first Gardner book that I had read, and I did enjoy it.  It had some enjoyable plot twists.  One thing kind of bothered me, though.  She overused the phrase, "in the good-news department."   This phrase was used numerous times in both the narration and in the dialogue.  At first I was kind of amused by it, but then it became something of a distraction to me.  Still, I would recommend the book for its entertainment value.  I'll award it three out of five Js:   JJJ

     --Not to get too much into politics here, but I thought that the fist bump between Barack and Michelle Obama was a really neat moment.  It seemed to be a display of genuine euphoria and celebration.  Maybe I relate to it because Obama and I happen to be the same age, and the fist bump is a gesture that I have used many times to display affection and celebration with another person.  So it must be cool, right?

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Saturday, June 14, 2008


     Call me an optimist, but I am still excited about the Cincinnati Reds this year.  True, they are still in last place in the National League Central, but I am maintaining hope by virtue of the young talent that they have amassed.  The Reds have some talented young players to go along with some reliable veterans. I have faith in Dusty Baker as a manager.  Last night's 3-1 victory over the Boston Red Sox was, I hope, an omen of things to come.  

     Pitching is always the name of the game in baseball, and the Reds have a staff that appears to be capable of pulling things together down the stretch.  Aaron Harang put on a masterful performance last night against perhaps the toughest hitting lineup in the majors.   Edinson Volquez is a remarkable addition to the staff, and he appears poised to take off.  And of course, Jay Bruce and Joey Votto are now showing why Reds fans have been excited about them for some while.

     Yes, Reds fans, it is time for optimism.  Our team record may stand at 33-36 at the moment, but I expect that to change.  

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Thursday, June 05, 2008


My son Brendan has now successfully completed his first year at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. He is now training aboard the USS San Antonio. He'll be on it for the next several weeks. It is an awesome ship. Check it out.