Tuesday, February 26, 2008


As I have previously reported, I recently participated in the auditions for the upcoming theater season at CenterStage in Louisville. I went there with the intention of auditioning only for The Full Monty. That audition was kind of a rude awakening to me, in that I was unpleasantly surprised by the existence and intensity of the dancing portion of the audition. I was quite unprepared for that aspect of the audition, and felt that I had probably blown it. I was then unexpectedly asked by the director whether I might be interested in participating in the fall production of Angels in America.

This afternoon, I received word that I've been invited to the call backs for both The Full Monty and Angels in America. Both call back auditions will take place this coming Sunday.

I'm surprised to receive invitations to both of these call backs. There is certainly no guarantee that I will ultimately land a role in either production, but I am honored to be considered. Wish me luck. I may end up in Hollywood yet. :-) I'll keep you CoffeeSpooners informed.

Monday, February 18, 2008


     There was a rockin' crowd in the stands in Jasper on Saturday to watch the Corydon Central Lady Panthers take on Vincennes Lincoln in the high school basketball regional.  Larry Ragland, a.k.a. "Rags," is the coach of the Lady Panthers.  Rags has been my bosom bud since we were twelve years old, so of course I was on hand to cheer on his team.  Unfortunately, the Lady Panthers got off to a sluggish start.  They fell behind by 16 points.  They came storming back in the second half, and had an opportunity to tie the score with just seconds left.  They couldn't do it, though, and ended up falling, 65-60.  

     I did have a lot of fun cheering on Rags' team this year.  The sectional victory was a special moment.  I congratulate Coach Ragland and all of his players on a successful season.  

     Yesterday, I did go to audition for "The Full Monty" at CenterStage in Louisville.  That was somewhat of a mixed bag.  The advertisement that I saw said to prepare a one-minute monologue and sixteen bars of a broadway-style musical for the audition.   As it turned out, there was a huge crowd of people there to audition. 

     For my monologue, I memorized a passage from The Invisible Man, by H.G. Wells.  For my musical selection, I obtained and practiced up on "The Sidestep," from The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.   When I went to the auditions, I felt very confident about my monologue, and moderately confident about my musical selection.  And of course, I was quite confident in my willingness to shed my duds in front of an audience.  What I didn't realize, though, was that there would be a dance audition.  

     I fancy myself to be able to move pretty well on a dance floor, but this audition was totally unexpected and foreign to me.  The leader demonstrated a series of steps and moves, and then asked us to follow along with her.  I felt that I was doing fine as I was doing the moves with the instructor.  The problem came when she stopped doing it, and instructed us to proceed on without her.  I had no idea that was going to happen, and I had made no effort to memorize the steps.  My attempt to reconstruct them was something of a disaster.   I must tell you that it was a truly humbling moment.  

     In any event, the moment was saved, somewhat, after I performed my monologue.  I think that the director was impressed, and he asked me if I might like to be in Angels in America, which will be produced next fall.  I will probably pursue that option further.  Angels in America is a serious drama, with no singing or dancing in it.  

Monday, February 11, 2008

Congratulations to Coach Larry Ragland and the Corydon Central Lady Panthers on your sectional championship. You have played with class and an indominable spirit. Good luck at the Jasper regional. I'll be there cheering you all the way. Go Panthers!

Mackenzie Dyer eyes a three while
Coach Ragland looks on.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


     I'm thinking about auditioning for a part in "The Full Monty" next week at CenterStage in Louisville.  I'm planning to call the director later today to get more info about the auditions, including the performance dates, rehearsal schedule, and so on. 

   "The Full Monty" is a musical with a unique plot.  It involves six blue-collar men who resort to performance art (stripping) after they are laid off from their jobs.  As everyone knows, the play does contain some nudity.  I've been an artists' figure model for years, and am a nudist generally, so the idea of appearing on stage in the buff doesn't faze me.  It's actually the music that causes me some concern.  I've performed in musicals before, but singing is really not my strong suit.  

     We shall see.....