Tuesday, February 26, 2008


As I have previously reported, I recently participated in the auditions for the upcoming theater season at CenterStage in Louisville. I went there with the intention of auditioning only for The Full Monty. That audition was kind of a rude awakening to me, in that I was unpleasantly surprised by the existence and intensity of the dancing portion of the audition. I was quite unprepared for that aspect of the audition, and felt that I had probably blown it. I was then unexpectedly asked by the director whether I might be interested in participating in the fall production of Angels in America.

This afternoon, I received word that I've been invited to the call backs for both The Full Monty and Angels in America. Both call back auditions will take place this coming Sunday.

I'm surprised to receive invitations to both of these call backs. There is certainly no guarantee that I will ultimately land a role in either production, but I am honored to be considered. Wish me luck. I may end up in Hollywood yet. :-) I'll keep you CoffeeSpooners informed.


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Break a leg, Matthew!

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