Friday, January 18, 2008


While most of Cardinal Nation was busy cheering the U of L men's basketball team to a victory over Marquette last night, my son Collin Matthew and I were engaged in other pursuits. We were taking advantage of an opportunity to see The Tempest at Actors Theatre of Louisville. We had been looking forward to seeing the show, and I'm pleased to report that we were not disappointed in the least.

The Tempest is a wonderful, imaginative play. It is generally considered to be William Shakespeare's final solo work. The play is a "magical comic romance," filled with poetic imagery and powerful evocative language.

Having been banished to a deserted island the protagonist, Prospero, conjures up a storm to exact revenge upon those who have betrayed and banished him. Collin and I both felt that the cast did an outstanding job of creating the story, using all available theatrical tools to great advantage. We felt that Henry Woronicz was very compelling in the role of Prospero. Overall, the cast was strong, and the performance was memorable.

Special thanks go to Susie and Mike Stewart (who were busy attending the 'Ville game) for making the tickets available to us. This was a special evening for father and son. I loved getting to share the experience with Collin, and I won't soon forget it.


Blogger white rabbit said...

Hi Matthew!

Totally off-topic as regards your posting but some questions:

1. what on earth are garbanzo beans? I must confess I've never heard of them - must be an American thing. My salad posting did indeed cause a flurry of responses but I was wondering if I needed an interpreter for my young blogfriend downtown guy..

2. an idle thought I just had - can a vegan eat honey? I suppose it's a kind of animal product.

3. Why has a vegan got the handle 'meatbe'? - I can't see past the 'meat' bit...

4. I'm curious to know what the sporting event in the background in your profile pic is. Having said that, sport causes even more transatlantic confusion than food methinks

all the best

the rabbit

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