Sunday, October 14, 2007


It has been over five years now. Over five years since that fateful day when I learned that my oldest brother, Ray, had seemingly disappeared from the face of the earth. He disappeared without a trace on a chilly spring morning from his home in rural Virginia. He disappeared, leaving behind a baffled wife and two adoring stepchildren.

We have no idea what happened to Ray. We all have our theories. To be perfectly honest, I suspect and fear that he suffered the worst imaginable fate. I would like to think that he is sunning somewhere on a tropical beach --but I seriously doubt it. Ray is--or dare I say was--a truly great guy, and a wonderful brother, but he had his enemies.

Ray's mysterious disappearance, with no word or explanation, has been a tragedy for the entire family. It is really unfathomable. The tragedy has hit our dad the hardest of all. Having now turned 75, Dad is absolutely bereft, imploring the stars to know what fate has befallen his namesake, his eldest child.

Last night I dreamed of Ray, as I often do. In my dream, Ray appeared out of the blue back here in New Albany. I ran into him in a local bar where we used to meet when he lived here. After chastising him for disappearing, I invited him back to my house and welcomed him warmly. I wept tears of joy at seeing him again, and knowing that he was alive. He didn't really tell me what had happened to him, but that was okay. It was a strange and crazy dream.

I only hope, with all of my being, that my dream comes true some day. And I hope that our dad is with us to celebrate the happy reunion.


Blogger G.Coyle said...

wow...that is hard to fathom and I can't even imagine the pain it's causing your family. I hope someday it all makes sense, sometimes in time the truth will come out.

6:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

During the past week, I too dreamed of him; and it was a happy dream. Tho he is never far from mind, perhaps the upcoming date of the anniversary of his birth brings thoughts of him even closer....Meem

10:18 AM  

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