Saturday, January 05, 2008


Today is the seventeenth birthday of my youngest child, Collin Matthew Jones--or, as I have affectionately called him for many moons, the C-Bear. Collin is a true delight, a source of absolute pride to me, and a character who brings smiles to the faces of all who know him. Collin is a true renaissance man. He is an accomplished actor who is as comfortable with Shakespeare as he is with modern day comedic writers. He has been a varsity football player and wrestler, while at the same time honing his skills as a musician on the piano, the guitar, the cello and, more recently, the ukulele. While taking breaks from his studies at Providence High School, he writes poetry and short stories. He'll be visiting France for the second time this spring. He also has a lovely and delightful girlfriend, Sarah.

Happy birthday, C-Bear! I hope that it is a great one for you. I'm especially pleased on this January 5th that the Cards were able to deliver a big win in basketball over our rival Blue Bellies. (O.K.--I understand that this win is much more significant to me than it is to you, but I trust that you are psyched about it as well. Hoo-Yah! Go Cards!)

My dear C-Bear, I hope that this is a special and fantastic year for you. When 2008 ends, you will be a senior, well on your way to your college destination, wherever that may turn out to be. You have some big decisions ahead. I hope that you know that, wherever your path may lead, I will always be with you. I am proud of you and I love you.


Blogger C-bear said...

Thanks Big Papa, that means a lot to me. i appreciate everything you do for me.

12:51 PM  
Blogger white rabbit said...

Happy birthday to your son and excuse the off-topic posting. You give your occupation as barrister, which is how I noticed your site. I didn't know the term was used in the States at all. I know there are State Bar Associations but assumed that the term had fallen into disuse and you were all attorneys by title.

Just curious...

7:48 AM  
Blogger Meatbe said...

Thanks for your comment, white rabbit. I'm honored to know that my blog has been viewed by a London barrister. I've looked at your site, and find it to be very well-written and interesting.

You are correct that the term "barrister" is seldom used in the United States. All of those who are admitted to practice law are attorneys, and there is really no further classification than that. My use of the term barrister as my occupation is really a kind of slang. Lawyers are sometimes called barristers here just as a matter of style, or as a kind of a nickname, although the term really has no significance in itself.

One further note: I am a member of the American Inns of Court, and in that organization the members are classified as either Associates, Barristers or Masters of the Bench, depending upon how long they have been in practice. I was previously a Barrister in that organization, but have now become a Master.

1:38 PM  
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