Wednesday, January 16, 2008


It isn't every day that my mug appears on the front page of the Indiana section of The Courier Journal, but it happened back in September. The occasion for my appearance in the limelight came as a result of the unexpected closing of the gym where I had worked out regularly since 1992, The Fitness Zone on Spring Street in New Albany.

No one was more surprised about the gym's closing than I was. I showed up at noon one Monday, ready to work out as usual. To my dismay, the gym was locked. A terse hand-written sign informed me that the facility was being closed indefinitely because the owners had lost their lease. There was apparently no way for me to recoup the dues that I had paid in advance for my ongoing membership. A C-J reporter, Ben Zion Hershberg, happened to be there investigating the closing. He interviewed me and snapped my photo for the story.

I was very dismayed about the closing of The Fitness Zone. It was a great gym. Those who worked out there were generally pretty serious about their training. It was close to my office, and I had many friends there.

The day that The Fitness Zone closed, I began looking for a new gym. Working out is something that I cannot do without. If I go more than a day or two without hitting it, I begin to feel like a slug.

I ended up settling on Total Fitness & Wellness. It is Dr. Stanley Schooler's gym, located on Charlestown Road behind Kohl's. It's a nice place. It is much smaller than The Fitness Zone, and much less convenient for me to travel to from my office, but it is clean and the people there are friendly. I've been hitting it four or five times per week, and I've kind of gotten used to it now. It doesn't feel like home yet, but I'm getting more comfortable there.

I really miss The Fitness Zone, and I wish that it were still open. I'm looking forward to checking out the new YMCA at Scribner Place when it eventually opens, and I can envision joining there if it fits my needs. For now, I am happy to have found a suitable place to work out.


Anonymous the rabbit on his work computer said...

Hi Matthew! I have replied to your question on my blog. Perhaps I could get down to the gym and work my anger out that way!

6:22 AM  
Blogger white rabbit said...

Final word on Blair. the worm got into the apple with two domestic matters: control freakery (the Labour Party used to be deliciously unruly but this played very badly with the electorate) but Blair went to the other extreme and spin and a positively stalinist internal regime came to be viewed with distaste. Secondly there was sleaze. Blair was elected on a platfirm of honest and transparent government, as the scandals mounted his government looked as shifty and dishonest as its predecessor. Never has no much goodwill been hugely blown. Having said this, it was really the middle east that finished him off. The Iraq invasion is now pretty much universally viewed as an utter disaster here(arguably a bigger one than Vietnam as the knock-on consequences of Vietnam were limited). Blair was deeply wounded by the 'Bliar' tag (the extravagant claims as regards the nonexistent WMD) and the portayal of him as 'Bush's poodle'. The final straw was his following Bush's lead in not calling for a ceasefire during the Israeli invasion of the Lebanon. There was such a wave of revulsion that he was finished.
On a completely different subject, I'm working on a rather lengthy blog on John Grisham's 'the Innocent Man' which may be of interest. Should post soon...

3:04 AM  
Blogger Meatbe said...

Thanks, Andrew. Very interesting to hear your views. I'll look forward to reading your post on "The Innocent Man."

9:27 AM  

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