Wednesday, March 19, 2008


     For sports fans, this is a truly magical time of year.  March Madness arrives in earnest on Thursday with the beginning of the NCAA basketball tournament.  As always, I will be rooting for my beloved Louisville Cardinals.  It is no overstatement for me to tell you that the Cards have been a life-long passion for me.  I live and die by their victories and losses.  The Cards begin the tournament this year by playing Boise State on Friday night in Birmingham, Alabama.  I wish that I could be there. 

   Of course, bracketology is a major part of the fun of March Madness.  This year, I have submitted my brackets for a contest being hosted by Kaiser's Tobacco Shop.  My chosen final four are:    (drum roll please!)    Louisville, Kansas, Pittsburgh & UCLA.   I picked Kansas to win it all, though I hope that I am wrong on that, and that the 'Ville proves that I should have chosen them to go all the way. 

   As I've discussed with several friends and colleagues lately, I think that the Cards do have enough weapons to allow them to win the championship this year.  On the other hand, if they turn cold, they are capable of losing in the first round.   It is comforting to know that Rick Pitino will be in charge.  There is a reason that he's been able to take three different schools to The Final Four.  I look for the Cardinals to be ready to go.  

   I'm also excited about the U of L women's team.  They drew a 4 seed, the highest in school history,  and they too are well-coached and poised for a potential deep tournament run.  I hope that they make some serious noise, and show the rest of the country that this truly is the basketball capital of the world.  

   Go Cards!   


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