Tuesday, August 14, 2007


As I have previously reported, I will be performing in The C.D.I. & Other Plays next week in the MEX Theatre at the Kentucky Center for the Arts. The show is being advertised as a series of six one-act plays about "Love, Life and Lust." The three L's? Perfect. The show will open next Thursday, August 23rd, and will also be performed on Friday, the 24th and Saturday, the 25th. All performances will begin at 8:00 p.m. There is supposed to be an article about it in the LEO next week.

There will be five short one-act plays performed before intermission. After the intermission, a longer one-act play will be performed: Two Beers and a Hook Shot, by Kent R. Brown. I will be performing in the last play. I play the role of Dexter Jackson, a frustrated man who is desperately trying to connect with his nineteen-year-old son. My character is described by the playwright as "a man in his middle forties, a bit out of shape but able to hold his own." I'll try to pull off the "a bit out of shape" part.

But seriously, folks, we have been working very hard on this production. It is the premiere production of the Y.E.S. Theatre Group. Our director, Samer Yahyawi, is proving to be a talented and insightful maestro of the theater. I have enjoyed working with him, and I think that this will be a worthwhile and entertaining production. My partner in the production--the one who plays my son--is Gregory Brucchieri. Greg is a very talented actor, and we are working hard to perfect our on-stage relationship.

For ticket information, please contact the Kentucky Center box office at 584-7777 or online at www.kentuckycenter.org


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