Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Later this week, some of my closest amigos and I will be attending a belated Opening Day outing to watch the Cincinnati Reds play the Houston Astros at the Great American Ball Park. Back in 1989, the late Sam Day and I began attending Opening Day games together in Cincinnati. We attended every year, without fail, and the event grew into an annual ritual attended by several of our good friends. We always "warmed up" prior to the game at Ogden's Place, and we looked forward to the outing all year long.

Sam passed away several years ago, after a battle with leukemia. His memory lives with us, though, as we continue on with the annual trip and toast his memory many times throughout the day. A couple of years ago, we switched it to a Belated Opening Day outing in May, so that it would be warmer and easier for us to purchase tickets.

Here are some photos from one of our trips about ten years ago. As usual, we were having a blast. It was impossible not to, as long as Sam was there. I am looking forward, very much, to our outing this week. The Opening Day outing, belated or not, will never be the same without Sam. We all loved him, and we continue to miss him terribly. We all know, however, that he would want us to continue with a Stone-Gas in his honor. No one loved life more than Sam. Here's to him!

Here's the whole crew from that year, in Ogden's Place: Rick Holt, Jeeves (Jeff Schlageter), Skeet (Scott Pierce), The Meatbe, Coach G (Jeff Grube), Rags (Larry Ragland), Gregg Snyder, Sam and J. Bradley Guarino-Sanders.

Our beloved friend, Sam.

Sam shares a laugh with Gregg.

Sam smooches Brad as Skeet and Coach G look on.

Skeet, The Meatbe and Coach G having fun
Fun in Ogden's Place

Game time: Skeet, Jeeves and I prepare to head into old Riverfront Stadium.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Truer words have never been spoken. Here's to Sam......Rags

9:32 AM  
Anonymous Sammy Day said...

Thank you for the link and for letting me read such kinds words about my dad. He always loved going with the group to opening day. He'd talk about it weeks ahead of time. It's great to know that he had such great friends.

Thanks again,
Sammy Day

10:49 AM  
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